Year 11 GCSE Support

On 22nd August 2024, your children will receive their GCSE results.

Now is the time to begin with the end in mind. The level of work that our students are doing and the level of commitment they are showing now will have a big impact on what they achieve in the end.

The information on this page aims to help you and your child maximise the remaining weeks and months to help them achieve their full potential and give them the widest range of choices for the future.

As we all know, there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from mistakes. As you are aware, your child will soon begin the GCSE Mock exams.  As well as highlighting a student’s strengths, mock exams also allow our students to identify the areas that they need to improve on, before the final GCSE exams.  What students do before and after the mocks is just as important as actually sitting them. These coming weeks and months are crucial to their GCSE outcomes, which in turn are vital in securing their progression onto the next stage of their education, employment or training.

An essential element of ensuring this success is the guidance and direction received at home, however we empathise with the demands this can make on our lives, when homes are already busy. We also acknowledge a possible lack of confidence in knowing how best to help our children when so much has changed since we were at school, or if there are subjects we were not particularly good at or liked. Therefore, as part of our offer of support, staff at St Benedict’s have put together this GCSE Revision and Support Guide geared towards you as parents and carers as much as for your children.

To use all the live links, please download a PDF copy of this booklet. You can do so via the PDF button on the top right corner of the flipbook web page.

Please take the time to read it carefully together with your child and we look forward to seeing you at our virtual parents’ evening in January.

Our dedicated staff continue to offer GCSE revision sessions at different times of the day. For a copy of the revision timetable please click here below


St Benedict's Catholic College Revision Support Sessions


In preparation for the year 11 Mocks and the examination in the summer, our heads of department and subject coordinators have provided you with practical advice on the next steps for improvement. You can easily access this advice along with individual changes to the GCSE exams by following each departmental link on the college map below.

On Wednesday 1st November 2023, we hosted our annual Year 11 GCSE Revision and Support evening. During this event key staff have provided the most up to date information about the Year 11 learning journey, useful tips and advice for you on how to effectively support your child with their GCSE preparation at home and last-minute strategies for our students to ensure they “Level up and ace their mocks!”.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, and all parents and carers for their ongoing support in ensuring their child fully understands the importance of the coming months and applies their full attention to examination preparation both in college and at home. Please see below a summary of the PowerPoint presentation used for the evening.


Year 11 GCSE Information Evening Presentation