The role of Chaplaincy


  • To support and encourage the whole college community in their relationship with God, founded in the knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ and to live out their Christian lives and vocations.
  • To help young people to recognise the presence of Christ in each human being.
  • To provide opportunities to experience different styles of prayer and worship, in order to enable growth in friendship with God.
  • To encourage students to experience and build enduring friendships and take opportunities to serve others in the community.
  • To strengthen links with the parishes in the Deanery and with the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service BCYS).
  • To encourage the students from St Benedict’s to be involved in events run locally which will nourish the life of faith.
  • To develop students’ sense of mission and evangelism through the promotion of acts of charity.
  • To share in the life and faith of the Catholic Community of St Benedict’s College.


College Chaplain - Mr Tom Fusi

“I started as the Lay Chaplain for St Benedict’s in November 2022. After leaving the college as a student in 2017, I spent a year volunteering at the Walsingham House Retreat Centre in Brentwood where I developed a passion for journeying with young people in their faith. I hope to bring energy, life and enjoyment to my role here and I have high hopes for the future!”


The Chaplaincy Office is located on the first floor of the Blyth building by the library


Prayer Board

To add a prayer intention to our virtual prayer board, please email our Lay Chaplain at



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