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Year 11 GCSE Support

On 25th August 2022, your children will receive their GCSE results.

Now is the time to begin with the end in mind. The level of work that our students are doing and the level of commitment they are showing now will have a big impact on what they achieve in the end.

The information on this page aims to help you and your child maximise the remaining weeks and months to help them achieve their full potential and give them the widest range of choices for the future.

Shortly after receiving their mock exam results in December, Year 11 students were asked to complete a survey designed to provide us with insight into how we can further support them in preparation for their GCSE exams. These slides impart the findings of the survey along with useful tips and insights.

Year 11 Survey2

Considering the unprecedented experience that our year 11 have endured in the past two years, a number of concessions and adaptations have been made by exam boards to make exams more accessible and less daunting in 2022. The changes are intended to maximise fairness in light of the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, which saw exams cancelled in both 2020 and 2021.

After thoroughly analysing your child’s mock exam papers, our heads of department and subject coordinators have provided you with practical advice on the next steps for improvement. You can easily access this advice along with individual changes to the GCSE exams by following each departmental link on the college map below.

Based on the survey, we can see that a significant number of our students have expressed that they would benefit from further guidance on how to revise for their GCSE exams and how to improve their exam performance.

Shortly before the year 11 parents evening on 11th November 2021, we have shared with you a GCSE Revision and Support Guide. This support guide is still available for viewing and is full of useful information.

As parents/carers, you are in a unique position to influence the academic success of your child. You can help set the stage for positive behaviours with regard to learning and serve as emotional support during stressful times of studying.