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Year 11 GCSE Support

On 24th August 2023, your children will receive their GCSE results.

Now is the time to begin with the end in mind. The level of work that our students are doing and the level of commitment they are showing now will have a big impact on what they achieve in the end.

The information on this page aims to help you and your child maximise the remaining weeks and months to help them achieve their full potential and give them the widest range of choices for the future.

We continue to escalate our efforts to provide meaningful enhancements to learning for our students. Earlier in the Autumn term, our year 11 students took part in study skills workshops to help them hone their revision skills and we also offered an excellent online seminar for parents and carers about how to best support your child with their revision.

As our year 11 students move towards their mock examinations in November, completion of any controlled assessments, and the GCSE examinations in the summer of 2023, you will be considering how to best help them revise and prepare for their most important examinations so far.

The following booklet has been produced by our teachers to help students find the best ways in which to learn and revise each subject.

Flipbook (flipbookpdf.net)

To use all the live links, please download a PDF copy of this booklet. You can do so via the PDF button on the top right corner of the flipbook web page.

Please take the time to read it carefully together with your child and we look forward to seeing you at our virtual parents’ evening.

Our dedicated staff continue to offer GCSE Period Six revision classes at different times of the day. For a copy of the revision timetable please click here.

In January 2023, after a forensic analysis of the year 11 mocks, we will be updating this page with stretch, challenge or remedy strategies which will enable our students to fulfil their true potential.