The Friends of St Benedict's


The Friends of St Benedict's are parents/carers and staff from college who meet every few months to talk about and organise fundraising events. We  provide a forum for parents and staff to work together to organise events and activities to enhance the school experience for the Students, and to raise valuable funds to financially support projects within the  college.


We are always looking for new fundraising activities. If you have any ideas then please share them with us.


Recently monies raised from fundraising activities have enabled us to purchase the following for the college:

We have also been able to fund  sponsorship of the college minibus 


The Friends of St Benedict's currently a very small dedicated team of parents, carers  and staff who would very much look forward to welcoming new members to the team.

If you think getting involved with The Friends of St Benedict's will be too time consuming – please don’t worry our meetings are held once a term and last no more than an hour. As well as the meetings there are various other ways of getting involved - maybe you have PTA experience from previous schools that you could  share with us. If you are unable to attend the meetings perhaps you would be able to offer assistance at one of our functions. We warmly welcome any offers of advice or assistance.

Hopefully we have ignited your interest for The Friends of St Benedict's. Any support you can give , however small, will help raise valuable funds for the College thus benefiting the  students by helping them have  the best possible learning experience.

If you would like to get involved, share your ideas or lend support please contact us at


The Friends of St. Benedict's Century Club

Your chance to win one of 3 monthly prizes - £25, £15, £10.

Membership of the Century Club entitles the participant to enter a monthly draw, with a chance of winning a cash prize. Century Club profits will help Friends of St Benedict’s College, to financially support projects within the  College

Payment is made annually by Standing Order or through Parent Pay.

To join please sign up via ParentPay or complete the form below and return it to the Main Office at the College.

All participants will be notified of their number. The draw results will be published in the College newsletter, as well as advised by letter to the individual winners.