Prefect Application Information

Please complete and return by: Friday 2nd November 2018

Thank you for requesting further information for the role of prefect for 2019/20. We strive for high academic standards and we are proud of our good reputation in the local and wider community. As a prefect, you will have the opportunity to share in the leadership of the school and it is a very prestigious responsibility.

A prefect is a role-model and will be expected to abide by the Prefect Promise and uphold school rules to a very high standard. Your behaviour, attitude to work and appearance must be exemplary and we expect our prefects to represent the school positively in the local and wider community.

As a prefect, you will have a number of additional roles and responsibilities including supervising younger pupils at break and lunch times, guiding visitors around the school and helping out at school events (such as parents’ evenings and Open Evening).

The role of a prefect is an important one and, if chosen, you will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility. Therefore, the candidates carefully selected to be student leaders of St Benedict’s College must be responsible, diligent, hardworking and ready to represent the school at any given time. The positions require forward-thinking, confident individuals who will introduce new ideas to the school and maintain the positive ethos. All positions will act as a link between teachers and students, so you must be an excellent communicator and a person who is taken seriously and well-respected.

The role of a prefect is recognised beyond school and it is an excellent achievement to put on your CV and to mention in future college and work applications. Being a successful prefect demonstrates leadership skills and commitment to a role. The top scoring 60 applicants will be offered the role of Prefect

Application Process

1.   Students interested in the role of prefect should complete the Prefect application form and return it to Mr Thomson by Friday 2nd November 2018 together with one staff reference.

2.   The successful prefect applicants will be interviewed by a member of the school staff.

3.   The final decision will be made by the prefect selection panel. The top five boys and top five girls will be invited to apply for Head Boy and Head girl respectively. The Senior Prefect team will be made up of the eight unsuccessful applicants decided upon in the first instance and then the specific roles will be chosen from the prefects.

4.   Year 10 prefects will assume responsibilities during the last few weeks of the spring term, as the year 11's prepare for public examinations.

Job Description for Prefect 

General responsibilities:

        To be a positive role model and set a good example to all younger pupils.

        To have impeccable uniform.

        To wear your tie every day so that younger pupils can identify you.

        To undertake one break duty and one lunch duty per week

Specific Roles (These roles will be allocated from the Senior Team of prefects):

Head Boy/Head Girl (two roles)

        To jointly chair the Senior Prefect Team and to assign roles within the team.

        To represent students in a variety of formal occasions.

        To deliver speeches at Awards Evening and at other times if requested by the Principal.

        To organise tours for visitors to the school.

        To organise duty rotas

Other prefects

     To help with tours for visitors to the school.

     To assist at parents’ evenings, directing parents where necessary and helping to serve tea and coffee to staff.

The criteria for selection will include

        Conduct around the college

        Behaviour Points

        Achievement points

        Attendance and punctuality

        Performance at interview

        Application form content

Each will be given a numerical rating which will produce the top 60 applicants