BBC School Report 2017

Multi Cultural day photo

On the 14th of October, St Benedict’s had their Multi-Cultural day to celebrate their wide variety of pupils at the school. There were students who were Portuguese, Polish, African, Filipino, Chinese, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Maltese, Brazilian, Indian and even Fijian.

The amount of food that people had made and brought in was impressive and it all tasted delicious. There was traditional African food such as “Jollof”. There were also some curries and fried bananas. The bananas were very strange because the outside was crunchy on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside.

There was also people in traditional clothing and jewellery such as Kilts, beads and Djellaba; there were also some people with flags wrapped


BBC’S spectacular school report! by Kitty Isabella and Emma

On Thursday 16th of March the BBC held a school news report day and hundreds of schools across the UK took place in it. One of these schools was St Benedict's Catholic College, and the students that participated thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Students were selected on account of the quality of their recently written newspaper reports. Some of them were asked to express how they felt about the event. “I think this motivates people, but it also is a little bit stressful because there are high standards.” Another student said that “It’s motivating when you are working towards something important.” Many interviews were held with teachers, students and other associates involved. There were multiple articles printed and phrases recorded, and the students were even allowed to wear lanyards for the day. Some students were glad to be off timetable for the day, however they were even happier to be doing the thing they loved. Year 8 students, who participated last year, returned as mentors, to guide the Year 7s with their reports and other issues.
Overall, it has been a successful day so far, and the Year 7 students are hoping to one day be mentors themselves next year.

Year 10’s speak out about The Jack Petchey courses.

n the 16th March, representatives of Jack Petchey visited St Benedict's Catholic College so as to give them courses on self-esteem and speaking. The year 10’s were interviewed and asked for their opinions on the course.

Two year 10’s, Joy & Andrew, responded that it has been insightful and that they gained experience. When asked if they would have this course again, Joy said that she would definitely do the Jack Petchey course again and Andrew mentioned he would maybe do The Jack Petchey speak out competition. Another year 10, Oliver, said that the course had been phenomenal and he had received a new perspective on speaking as well as new techniques. When asked if he would the competition he responded that he would love to do the competition as he is a very good speaker. He also added that he would love to have the course again without a shadow of a doubt. In addition, he said he would love to teach a Jack Petchey course for year 10’s so as to give them speaking experience and teach them what he has learnt.
More interviews include Rose: "I am in this competition because I enjoy telling stories and it will help build my confidence", "I think the workshop has helped, and even if I don't win the competition, I will have good speaking skills for later in life" ,"I haven't started writing my speeches yet, but I have lots of ideas" and Daria: "This competition is a good opportunity, and gives you good life skills.", "Yes, I do think the workshop has really helped, and you are always going to be a bit nervous doing it, but at least I won't really stutter on stage", "I think my speech is going great, as I now have more confidence and the correct information".
By Megan, Eleanor and Grace

St Benedict’s students become a living master piece

Last July, pupils at St Benedict’s were arranged into a pattern, that when seen from above, looked a lot like Arthur Mole.

All of the St Benedict’s pupils worked together with several camera crews to create a living master piece of a man who was famous for making art with people.
The art work was in honour of Arthur Mole, born in Lexden,Colchester in 1889. He used to make living pictures during the war with soldiers and military people. The most famous pictures are the statue of liberty, the American eagle and the US shield which consisted of 30,000 people.
A pupil who was in year 7 at the time commented, “it was a great experience because we managed to make his face and it looked really effective.”
By Erin

Money Talks, Fakeness Walks…
Are you sure you haven’t got a fake 2 pound coin in your pocket?
People believe that two pound coins are too hard to counterfeit as it is way too expensive and way too hard to make as it’s bi-metallic. However, it is as simple as a metal disc with a painted outer edge. Research has proven that a worrying amount of fake two pound coins were made in 2014 and they are, more alarmingly, becoming more realistic. Beforehand, it was almost impossible to create an image of the coin. A British investigator told The Times, “you could easily see a 2 pound coin by dropping it on the table, it would rattle as the two bits were not glued properly”.
The most fake 2 pound coins are found in South Wales and they have a lot of errors and traces of forgery in them. They have the wrong image of the queen’s head, there is no date, there is no text saying “two pounds” and they have an odd, shiny texture on them
The fraudulent image of the two pound coins unfortunately began to be accepted by cash machines and shop assistants because of Chinese forgery gangs being able to develop an ability to copy it. Below is a comparison of the two.
As you can see, the forged coin (left) lacks colouring and detail of the genuine coin (right)
You can also tell how coins are fake by using this method
If you take a coin with the date facing the right way round and spin it on its axis, the queen’s head or whatever picture is behind the front, should be facing the correct way up.
So, now that you know how to check for fake 2 pound coins, You can now check your pockets for any fakeness in your money.

Children take on reporting.

Today, children all over the world are taking on the challenge of reporting. They have to write an article and record an article.
In Colchester alone there are seven schools taking part. They have been working hard all day and in one school alone they have written more than thirty articles.
A year 7 who has been involved with the work shops said, “It’s a good way to learn new skills and improve your writing.”




Today is going to start with temperatures up to 7 degrees Celsius. However, as the day goes on the weather is going to gradually get warmer with temperatures up to 9 degrees at 10 am. The hottest the weather is going to be is at 3pm with temperatures of 14 degrees. Throughout the day it’s going to be overcast with very few clouds around with wind speeds up to 11 Mph.
By Aidan

Fight On Breya

At the young age of two, on 13th January 2017, Breya Ward was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. This is an extremely rare form of cancer that started off in her adrenal gland, but has grown to affect her whole stomach and bones. Poor Breya is undergoing harsh chemotherapy treatment. This will last for around 18-20 months.
Her parents, Holly Robinson and Ollie Ward have paused their careers to fight for Breya. Her father, Ollie, a serving Paratrooper based in Colchester. Breya’s mother says “She is so brave. She doesn’t cry she just gets on with it.”
Sadly, 50% of people that have been diagnosed with this illness relapse within 2 years. Many people have been showing their support by donating money to achieve the life-saving amount of £250,000. Thankfully, the total is getting very close to the goal and is currently at £89,720.
Lots of organizations are trying raising money for this little girl. Some are: The Colchester Military Wives Choir, Members of 16 Air Assault – The Parachute Regiment, staff at Breya’s nursery (Cheeky Monkeys) and soldiers from the Brigade.
The #TeamBreya appeal was launched on Monday 13th February 2017.
Donations to young Breya could potentially be life changing. The little hero is going through some terribly traumatic times but she is a fighter and is holding on!
By Rebecca and Elena



Jon Robinson inspires St Benedicts pupils By Erin

On the 3rd of March the author Jon Robinson came to St Benedicts to show the students what it is like to be an author. He told the pupils that when he was little he was asked to write a novel about Christmas. When he wrote this book he did not like happy stories. Book was called ‘Deck The Halls’. When he handed it in his teacher (Miss Lenard) she said that she loved it and he should become an author.

At the age of eleven he was hit by a car and broke his thigh bone. This meant that he had to stay at home for a long time, while everyone else was playing in the snow. In the meantime he practised writing stories on the type writer.
He gave the pupils a tip about what you should do if you want to become an author. He told them ‘read as many books as you can and as much as you can, learn from your mistakes and failure is not an answer.
An opinion from one of the teachers: Mr Callaghan ‘the way he talked about the book in detail and
the ideas about the book like brainwashing, subliminal messages and phycology. Also the way that he was honest about how hard it is to be an author.

Women’s Equality Party

The Women’s Equality party (WE) was founded by journalist Catherine Mayer and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig. Their main mission is to make Wales,Scotland,England and Northern Ireland the first gender-equal countries in the world. It was founded in 2015 and had an amazing and overwhelming response. They are now the fastest growing political party in the UK politics with 65,000 members and registered supporters and 73 branches across the UK. In 2017 WE helped organise the London Women’s March and over 100,000 people of all genders came to support. They all protested against the rise racism and misogynist. And in October they launched a groundbreaking campaign What Women Want and it made 10,000 women’s voices heard. Another campaign they have begun is #Nosizefitsall which is a campaign to support different body types and to challenge the fashion industry and their approach to body image and the devastating impacts it has on professional models. Manchester was a host to their first party conference in November where 1500 representatives gathered to decide on policies and debated equality issues and enjoyed an empowering event in a city where the suffrage movement was created. They are also trying to have a nationwide women’s day off in 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. The day will influence women in the UK to demonstrate the unpaid contributions they have made to the UKs economy, family life and communities.
If you would like to learn more about this wonderful organisation and join their campaign then check their website:

By Evie, Dominika and Lucy

White rhino Emily gives birth to healthy baby!
On Friday, 3rd February 2017, a white rhino called Emily, living in Colchester zoo gave birth to a healthy baby rhino. Emily conceived naturally after breeding with Otto, a male rhino that also lives in the zoo. And on the 13th of February the baby, which has been identified as a boy, has been named Kifaru by his keepers! His name translates to rhinoceros in Swahili!
As he continues to grow in size and confidence the weather gets warmer. His keepers recently introduced him to a smaller outdoor area which is separate from the main paddock. The keepers say that “he will be a great addition to the zoo family and he is growing strong.”

United Nations
He For She Campaign

The he for she campaign is an organisation initiated by the United Nations women. There main mission is to have gender equality and to create a fair and equal world. The campaign was formed on the 20th of September 2014. The organisation has many different and famous campaigners but the most well-known is actress Emma Watson. She has made numerous speeches about how women deserve equal rights and has also called for all men around the world to support gender equality. They have fought for numerous causes such as Education as they believe every child deserves the right of an education. Another cause they fight for is health and believe every person has the right to make decisions about their own bodies and their families. They believe that areas such as education, work, health and politics are the main issues for women’s rights that need to be changed. They have gathered over 1.3 million commitments to help their fight with gender equality and have held over a thousand events.
Check their website if you believe in change:

By Lucy, Evie and Dominika

Safety in numbers

Recently there have been many accounts of students being followed by strangers, as they were walking back home. The students’ school have sent out emails to other schools near the same area. They have said to stay in small groups as they are walking home.

On 23rd of February 2017 a girl from Colchester County High was followed down Lexden road on her way back home from school. The student felt uncomfortable, so she approached a couple for assistance.

Also two students from St Benedicts Catholic Collage were involved in one of the incidents, near Baronswood way (near Montgomery junior school) Monday the 6th of March. It was reported that the man was wearing a beige and red baseball jacket, beige and red hat, tracksuit bottoms, around 25-30 years old, has a medium stocky built and he was on a mountain bike.

This should be a warning for all students that they should stay in small groups.


Ban on menthol cigarettes
Do you know how dangerous cigarettes are? Do you know how many chemicals are put in to making them? Cigarettes can cause many diseases including heart disease, lung cancer and kidney disease.
There will be a ban on menthol cigarette packs of 10, in May 2020. This ban came after the Chancellor raised the price of packs of twenty. After 21st of May you will only be able to buy packs of 20.
Men are more likely to smoke then women. There were 1.7 million hospital admissions for conditions that could be caused by smoking in 2014 to 2015. 475000 were thought to be attributed to smoking.

The smoking rates of people sixteen and above.
There is a new rule that tobacco packets have to be olive green.
The average use of cigarettes by one person is 11 a day.
Three quarters of the children in the UK say they haven’t smoked but one quarter say they have. On average smokers die 10 years younger than non-smokers. 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.
There is no difference between normal cigarettes and menthol cigarettes.

What’s in cigarettes?

In one cigarette there are over 4, 000 chemicals.
Carbon monoxide
Hydrogen cyanide

By Jake


The Have Your Say Competition
The ‘Have Your Say’ competition is an event involving children over a wide range of Essex and East Anglia. There are three languages to participate in such as French, Spanish and German. St Benedicts are going forward as French and German. The participants have to overcome the challenges of perfecting their pronunciation in front of 4 judges. The age range is year 7 to 9. The first competition is held at Gilberd Secondary School on the 23rd of March, after school hours.
This competition is less than a week away now and we were able to interview some of the participants that will be taking part. Karina, one of the German participants, said that she thinks that her pronunciation improved a lot more then when she first started.
Miriam, our French learning assistant, said that she is very proud of her students and they are full of competitiveness and are ready to go and win the preliminary rounds and get through to the finals.
Another French learning student, Orla, said that learning all the different ways to pronounce the French words with her partner, Natalie, motivated her to do better. It’s almost as if they’re having their own little competition with each other.
Ben; one of our German participants thought that his pronunciation had improved and also he believes that we have potential to make it to the finals.
The entire school are backing up our German and French pupils and all the teachers believe that we can win.
By Flaysha and Mai

Colchester’s Own Hero by Eleanor
In 1381, the peasant’s revolt took place, and John Ball, from Colchester, had a leading role! He was a priest at St. James the Great Church. He believed in equal rights, and because of these beliefs, he was excluded from the church, imprisoned, and in that same year, hung, drawn and quartered! Also his head was put on a spike and paraded about London Bridge.

A history teacher, David Grocott, is calling for him to have a big realisation-as his only recognition is a road called John Ball Walk which is not quite the best legacy for a martyr.
Over 700 people have signed a petition for him!
Mr. Grocott is thinking about getting a charity set up in John Ball’s name. He is also releasing a competition to make a sculpture of him.
There is a website called where you can sign their petition and get in contact with them for further information.


Popular shop Primark opens in Colchester

Well known shop, Primark, has opened in Colchester town centre (in Lion Walk.) it has finally opened after a long wait from the public on February 9th 2017.seeing as the nearest ones were in Ipswich and Chelmsford the public are now pleased that they don’t have to travel so far and believe that it will bring more people to their town. However some of the public are disappointed that the well-known store BHS has gone and more importantly some of their family members and friends have lost their jobs, Maiana said: “I like the actual shop but I feel sad because BHS is gone and my grandma lost her job!” the shop also has had many positive reviews “I enjoy going to the store and the staff are lovely!”– Izzy.
So there have been many different opinions on this new shop, what’s yours?

Reported by Ellie


Save our Oceans
Have you ever been on a beach in the summer and hurt your foot on a piece of plastic?
Have you ever looked out of a boat and seen all of the rubbish in the water?
Ever wondered how it got there?
…it’s us!
We use plastic items and throw them away not thinking about what happens to it next! Plastic doesn’t rot away and it takes years to break down. Plastic rubbish is killing the wildlife in the oceans, rivers and lakes. It’s also getting into our sea food in micro-particles! Even scientists don’t know the long term effect of this on our health. We all need to stop using the ocean as our rubbish bin… and beaches.
We need to reduce the amount of plastic things we use and always recycle it afterwards.
If you always buy a bottle of water every day why don’t you try and use a reusable bottle. Sea birds and fish eat the plastic and it stays in their stomachs so that they cannot eat other foods. Then they starve to death. Also sea turtles get caught in plastic bags and nets which means they cannot come up for air and they drown.
Once again the ocean isn’t a rubbish bin!By Emily

BBC School news report – Do you know how much your bag weighs?
Most kids these days don’t actually know how much their bags weigh. We have taken a survey that includes children’s health and that carrying too much weight on their backs every day for 6 hours is putting strain on their bodies; mostly their spine, neck and shoulder. This can cause injuries like back, shoulder and neck pain and muscle ache.
When we go to school we always rely on our bags to carry everything, but hardly pay attention to not only stretching the bag (which is not too much worry) but causing muscle ache. This is not so worrying on adults because they’ve stopped growing, however secondary school kids are still growing and putting too much weight onto their backs is making them unbalanced no matter how old they think they are.
Doctors recommend to only carry 10% of their body weight. This can prevent having stiff necks, shoulders and back pains.
Like we said at the beginning, we did a survey on how many kids have too heavy bags and which were fine.
These were the results:
11 were under or the right weight.
22 were too heavy.
Putting your backpack on both of your shoulders releases shoulder and muscle ache and will also help to keep your spine straight.

From the results that were presented on the pie chart we can clearly see that over 50% of the school kids have too heavy bags and could harm them if carrying them on one shoulder and not two.
To prevent this from happening we would defiantly recommend having a backpack rather than satchel or any handbags.

By Lizzy

St Benedict’s Catholic College Gets An Exciting Visit From Jon Robinson

On Friday 3rd March, St.Benedict’s Catholic College were fortunate enough to meet the author Jon Robinson, when he visited the school and presented assemblies to year 7, 8 and 9.
It wasn’t a particularly easy journey for Jon Robinson on his way to becoming an author, as it took him 7 and a half years before any of his books were accepted. Fortunately, the ‘Nowhere’ trilogy was published for us all to enjoy after the publisher read 3 chapters of ‘Nowhere’. Although unfortunately, there will be no more books in the series.
We (Eleanor and Rebekah) had the privilege of interviewing Jon Robinson ourselves during his lunchtime book signing.
We began by asking him, ‘What advice would you give young writers like us?’ His advice was to ‘Read as much as you can, read different types of books, be committed, write every day and have a lot of flexibility.’

Our next question was, ‘Who was your role model when you began writing?’ He told us that he admired Steven King and Roald Dahl but there was no one in particular.
When we asked ‘How did you choose both the title and cover design of your books?’ He informed us that it was actually the publisher that chose them. However, he does write the books himself and he said that it took a few weeks to write ‘Nowhere’ and then he edited it for a further 6 to 7 months. ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Somewhere’ took 7 to 8 months to write and edit.
We have also been given exclusive news that Jon Robinson has been working on another book series. In fact, while he was at St. Benedict’s he received an email saying that his new book has been accepted by the publisher.

By Eleanor and Rebekah

Great Global Greyhound Walk


The Great Global Greyhound Walk is an event taking place at Priory Street, Colchester, CO2 7EF 11th June at 11.00 AM start. It is an annual dog-walking event that brings together Greyhounds, Lurches, other sighthounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breeds and show the public just what wonderful pets they make. Become a part of the Great Global Greyhound Walk family, join in the fun and help beat their previous set records.
At St Benedict's Catholic College we have Sue Haher who is a caretaker in this school who is organizing the event. She said that she is running it because she wants to promote Greyhounds as they’re great pets. In addition, she attended this event last year and is amazed that they broke a record. She loves seeing the dogs playing around with each other and seeing the owner’s converse. However she is worried that it’s going to rain and no one is going to come.

By Aidan And Lucas

Local choirs really are ‘Stronger Together’

On the recently passed Saturday 11th March, local choirs performed together in their first joint concert titled ‘Stronger Together’.
After the success of The Colchester Military Wives Choir, established in July 2012, musical director Sally Leung decided to attempt to replicate their achievements and The Colchester Military Children’s Choir was born. The Wives have performed all over from The House Of Commons to Canada. Following in their footsteps- just as Sally wished- The Children’s Choir have performed in places like The Mercury Theatre and The Salvation Army Church Colchester. Last weekend both choirs performed at St Botolph’s Church in Colchester. According to a member of the audience “they blend in” and “their voices sound so angelic”. So Sally Leung was indeed “very happy”.

After ITV News filmed the rehearsal of The Colchester Military Children’s Choir previously they then interviewed members of the Children’s Choir Grace and Wives Choir Natalie (mother of Grace). It is an important concert for both mums and children because it is their first collaboration and it is a chance to share their love of music together. Natalie said how The Choir had helped and supported her in times of her husband’s absence. Also Victoria Lampard came along again with her team to film the first half of the brilliant concert.
On Saturday both the choirs did a spectacular job and Sharon Tidbury (accompanist) said “everybody supports everybody else, which is so important, and comes through in both rehearsals and concerts.”
By Rebecca

Well-known author visits local school!
On Friday 3rd of March, Jon Robinson, author of the Nowhere, Somewhere and Anywhere trilogy, visited St Benedict’s Catholic College to speak to the students on his journey to become an author.
Robinson has had a lot of experience writing books, in fact, he has been writing them since he was twelve. His first ever book was written in Year Seven, when he had written a book for a holiday assignment called ‘Deck the Halls’. His former teacher called it gruesome, however she found it an inspirational book. From then on, he pursued his dream, which was to become an author. Beginning to write masses of gruesome books, Jon soon stopped this and began to write comics; his first one of these was at twenty-one. It took seven years of rejection, however he finally managed to get Nowhere, the first of his trilogy, published. The main idea for the book came from when he was thirteen, he had watched multiple movies about prison breaks, and the idea of psychology, the subject he had studied in university, had manipulated his mind; he had studied it in school. In the book, the basic idea of the book is that one hundred teenagers from all over Britain were captured, and placed inside a concrete cube (containment facility) in the middle of nowhere. The prisoners are told every day, they’ve committed serious crimes, but none of them remember participating in any. Science results have shown that being told a lie several times, can make you believe that it’s true.’’ My advice to you is to read as much as you can, and learn from your mistakes. Be committed to do what you want to do, and there’s no such thing as a fail.’’ There are many great reviews about Jon and his book, coming from many ages. A year seven student exclaimed that it was intriguing, fascinating and kept suspense and mystery throughout the book.
Robinson has high hopes that his book could turn into a movie. He is currently working on new books, unfortunately, none are continuing from his trilogy. Jon also hopes to continue as an author, hopefully becoming a bestselling one.

By Isabella

Five new Scout Ambassadors join the Movement

The Scout Association has announced that five famous figures will be joining the Scout Ambassador team, to raise awareness of Scouting’s invaluable work helping young people develop skills for life.

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, was proud to welcome the five ambassadors to the Scouting family, and he quoted: “Like our other volunteers and supporters, they are incredible role models for young people, embodying our values and inspiring the next generation,” The new ambassadors are Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds, Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover, TV presenters Anita Rani and Steve Backshall, and adventurer Megan Hine. They join current Scout Ambassadors, including Chris Evans, Ed Stafford and Julia Bradbury. Bear Grylls has also accepted an offer to remain as Chief Scout until 2020.

Slam Poetry Club

What do you have to say? Slam Poetry is a great way to express yourself. Mrs. Humble has organized a club on Wednesday lunchtimes for students who enjoy displaying their creativity through rhythmic writing. Although it's still in its early stages, the club is slowly growing as more and more students become interested.

One performance that has been watched frequently in the club is Harry Baker's '59,' a love story about two prime numbers. His presentation is both humorous and enlightening; many members of the club have been greatly inspired by it.

The club's activities consist of watching slam poetry performances and sharing ideas, as well as writing original – and sometimes personal – poems. Mrs. Humble hopes the club will grow to the point where students can enter inter-school competitions.

Did you know that the first National Poetry Slam (NPS) competition was held in Chicago in 1984? Poetry Slam competitions are held all over the world. Hopefully St Benedict's Slam Poetry club will someday take home one of the notorious prizes.

Here is an example of something I've been working on in Slam Poetry Club:

“Where she came from, everyone was normal. Her school was an all-girls' nursery and primary that she lived not too far from. The girls there were very... ugh. They all loved the colour pink; they were all obsessed with Justin Bieber; and generally did extremely … normal things.
They were different because
She spent her time reading math equations for fun.
But for them the library was a place where
The actual readers were no-ones.

They were different because
The films they owned were all related to Barbie.
But she owned the most tremendous pile
Of action-adventure 15s.

The Royal Mint reveals the new £1.00 Coin

On Tuesday 28th March, the ‘new’ £1.00 coin is going to be released. The coin has been made from a company called Royal Mint in South Wales. There have been past reports about the old £1 coin being counterfeited.
The new coin has been designed to make it harder to be counterfeited, The Royal mint made out of two metals- silver and gold. The coin has still got Queen Elizabeth’s face and it has a holographic image that changes from a ‘£’ symbol to the number '1' when the coin is seen from different angles.
Major Banks say, “We will continue to accept the old pound coin after October 15, but only from our customers.”
Banks will be able to transfer them to your bank account. When the coins are released, engineers will check all vending machines to upgrade the software.
There has been a public competition for the design for ‘tails’ which had over 6,000 entries. The winning design was made by David Pearce, a 15-year-old schoolboy. The design has four objects representing the countries in the UK, Rose from England, Thistle from Scotland, Leek from Wales and Shamrock from Northern Ireland.
When the government announced the coin, people have been asked what their impression on the coin was, 64% like the design, 10% disliked it and 25% were neutral.
This new coin has everyone questioning on twitter and social media. The public are excited about what Royal mint is going to come up with this time.
By Elena & Megan

Colchester Mayor wishes to reinstate Greenstead to its former glory.

In an interview with the Mayor of Colchester, Julie Young, it was revealed that she has new proposals for Greenstead and maybe for Colchester. Julie Young stated that her worries include the fact that services are down and people feel isolated. She included that school funding is down by 8% and pointed out the lack of NHS beds and overcrowding. When asked how she felt about being elected Mayor, she responded that she was very happy and thinks that she can help Greenstead and even reach out to more parts of Colchester and help local residents who feel vulnerable.

The Mayor’s theme is, “making changes” and she supports lesser known charities such as: The Invicta Foundation, which helps servicemen and women; Open Road (which supports drug and alcohol addictions); Signpost, which helps people who are unemployed; The Rob George Foundation, which helps youth with life threatening conditions; and Beacon House, which helps the homeless.
She joined the political scene in 1984 when she became part of Labour and later became a councillor in 1986. Her inspiration was the late Gordon Dowe who prioritized older people’s rights in Highwoods and Greenstead. She stated that even though she wants to break the mould and introduce new ideas, she still has respect for tradition. Her fundraising events have been massive successes, the highlight of the year being an oyster feast costing £95 per person with an alternative feast for pensioners. The Mayor said that though it may cost a lot, she simply wishes to raise money for her chosen charities and for important causes.
By Grace.

Rouge Nation by Sebastian
"Rogue nation". The "greatest immediate threat". North Korea has been called many things.
The government has been accused of brutally oppressing citizens while ruthlessly increasing the development of nuclear weapons.
In recent months it held its fifth nuclear test, launched several missiles and – most people believe -assassinated its leader's half-brother using a chemical weapon.
But why is North Korea such a problem - and why can no solution be found?
It remains one of the world's poorest nations. Its economy is centrally controlled, its citizens have no access to external media and, apart from a privileged few, no freedom to leave.

There have been several rounds of nuclear tests. The most recent, involving China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and the US, initially looked promising.
John Nilsson-Wright "This is because Kim is determined to push forward on military modernisation, so rationally it is in his interests to delay." The UN and several nations already have sanctions in place against North Korea, targeting its weapons programme.’’
Meanwhile food aid to North Korea, which relies on donations to feed its people, has fallen in recent years as tensions have risen.
But, says Dr Nilsson-Wright, these measures do not seem to be slowing down North Korea's ability to move forward on the military front.
He says sanctions that targeted the intermediaries that keep North Korea moving - like Chinese banks - would make a real impact. Targeting the oil that Pyongyang imports from China would also have an immediate effect.
But the problem is China does not want to take actions that would destabilise the government and unleash chaos in its northern neighbour.
Instead, he says, China is trying to play the role of honest broker, lobbying the US to talk to Pyongyang. But though Donald Trump said on the campaign trail that he would be willing to talk to Kim Jong-un over a hamburger, the US, Japan and South Korea have made it very clear that the North must show a real willingness to compromise before talks become an option.

Teacher’s new book
By Emma and Ella

In Colchester, Essex a teacher called Mr Callaghan who is head of English has written a book. Mr Callaghan has always loved writing books ever since he was a young boy.
Mr Callaghan wanted to be a ninja turtle but when he grew out of that he never knew what he wanted to do. Once in university he wrote and directed a play that ran for three nights, the tickets were put up for sale; they were all sold out in one day.
Last summer Mr Callaghan had an idea to write a book, since he had read books to students in his class and he understood what types of books they liked.
Mr Callaghan referred to the book like his relationship with his son, playing with Lego and watching Star Wars. Most of the time he loved writing his new book but some of the time it felt like work. The least joyful time was sending letters back and forth the publisher.
Whenever he reads books he isn’t very happy because it makes him feel like he is back in school teaching. The title of the book cannot be revealed yet but students from his school are looking out for out in stores.

Disabled Fish Gets a “Wheelchair”
Aquarium worker, Derek, was faced with a challenge to help a poorly pet goldfish who was unable to swim properly.
The goldfish suffers from swim bladder disease which is a type of disease that can affect any fish but is common in aquarium fish, it prevents the fish from holding itself upright and being able to swim. The fish that is affected may be found leaning to one side or swimming at the top of the water. Normally the diseased fish is able to carry on and live its life as before, just upside down or wonky. But aquarium worker Derek was able to come to the rescue and make a “wheelchair” for the poorly fish.
“I got some airline tubing that people usually use in their tank and just placed it around the goldfish. I added some valves to the bottom of it, which acted as a ‘chair’ to prop him up.
"I added weights to the bottom of the ‘chair’ and something to keep him afloat on top (Styrofoam), and slowly removed pieces until I achieved just the right buoyancy to make it easy for him to swim around without feeling like he’s dragging around a chair” – Derek.
The fish belonged to a customer who had brought him in to get help, Derek came to the rescue and now the fish is living happily with its problem fixed.
Bobbie – Jay


Colchester United match report Matt c

Portsmouth boosted their hopes of automatic promotion from League Two to league one with a crucial win at play-off chasers Colchester.
Eoin Doyle headed Portsmouth into a first-half lead before Kyle Bennett, Danny Rose and Michael Doyle added further goals in the second period.
Colchester goalkeeper Sam Walker denied Kai Naismith and Enda Stevens early on, before George Elokobi headed U's Matt Briggs' attempted clearance away from near his own goal-line.
But Portsmouth took a 22nd-minute lead through Eoin Doyle, who dived to head home from close range following Naismith's delivery.
The goal scorer missed and easy chance with the ball sailing well over the crossbar. But just before half-time Portsmouth did go 2-0 up with the second half just 37 seconds away. In the second half Bennett converted Naismith's pass from close range, after Colchester had failed to clear the ball.
Stevens' deflected left-foot effort whistled inches wide of the far post before Pompey went further ahead on the hour when Rose scored at the second attempt after Walker had saved his initial effort, following Eoin Doyle's through ball.
And it was 4-0 with 17 minutes remaining when Michael Doyle got the rebound after Walker had saved Naismith's effort following a unique counter-attack.
The match was very

Colchester United Table Report
After 36 matches, Colchester united are 10th and two places away from the play offs to gain promotion to league 1. This last game has limited the possibility of promotion and upset multiple fans. As a bystander I am doubting their chances unless an unrealistic miracle happens. (Which they won’t) This is again a disappointment as fans had goals of the team lifting the title.
Adam Interview about Col u
How was the match?
“In the match the team missed key players in key areas of the pitch”
How are col U playing?
“Alright-but very inconsistent”
What are their chances of promotion?
“Inconsistency may cost them as they may drop out in big matches”
Has this season been successful?
“It’s been pretty successful in developing youth players but if they don’t get promotion it may be disappointing.

The Conservative party Fined £70, 000

The Conservative party have been fined £70,000 because of over spending in by-elections and election. They also missed payments of £104,000 - and £118,000. The party’s spokesman claimed that the party had made an “administrated error.”
Claire Bassett explained to BBC Radio 5 live that there were “some difficulties” in getting information from the Conservative party, prolonging the investigation. The party missed payments worth up to £118,124. They did not include the required 81 receipts which added up to £52,924; they also failed to maintain records that it invoiced for three candidates in three by-elections in 2014, for work on their articles.
Sir John Holmes, chair of the Electoral Commission, stated that "The rules established by parliament for political parties and their finances are there to ensure transparency and accountability.” He believes that all parties should take their responsibilities under the legislation seriously.
By Sebastian

Remarkable !


One of our students, Kitty in Year 7, is very proud of her a remarkable brother. Sam is 26 and is studying for his PHD at the London School of Tropical Medicine.
Life at School
Sam told our reporter that ‘When I was at school I excelled in sports, I played football for Colchester United and trained with the British Pole Vaulting squad but this was the happy side of my school days. In reality every day at school was a struggle for me as I am severely dyslexic. I hated school there were even days when teachers would have to coax me out of my mother’s car just to get me into school. I felt so frustrated at not being able to read and write properly but I now realise it is this struggle that has led me to achieve the things I have’.
Turned Down
When he was 16 Colchester Institute refused him a place as they didn’t think he would cope with the course he wanted to study, due to his learning difficulties, so he went to a school Sixth Form. Sam said ‘I found studying at sixth form much easier than school but it was still hard –it wasn’t until something clicked and I realised I wanted to work in medicine that I became really determined to become a doctor. But with only a handful of GCSE’s and a BTEC I found out that the only way I could achieve this dream was to first become a nurse and then progress to become a doctor - I was accepted for a nursing course at Anglia Ruskin University but after a year I knew I needed a break from studying.’

Nepal and KATs
Sam got a part time job and saved hard so he could take an independent trip to Nepal with the aim of volunteering in medical practices in deprived countries - ‘it was this trip that changed my life’ Sam explained.
A few days after arriving in Kathmandu he found a very distressing sight. ‘I found a dog outside the orphanage where I was volunteering that was in need of urgent medical treatment’. Using the internet and the help of the local vets we located a charity in Nepal called Kathmandu Animal Treatment centre (KATs) - a charity set up by an English lady, Jan Salter, they did everything he could but sadly it was too late and the dog died.
Samuel continued his voluntary work but he became very ill and spent several days in a Kathmandu hospital ‘during this time I did nothing but think about the plight of the street dogs. I have always been an animal lover, I grew up surrounded by animals .Sam abandoned the rest of his plans and spent the remainder of his time volunteering at KATS. ‘It was here I felt a sense of achievement, it was very different from my school days’

Becoming a Vet
The dogs wanted my love and help -they didn’t care whether I was dyslexic or how many GCSE’s I had and it was here that my passion for helping animals made me decide to leave the field of human medicine to pursue my dreams of becoming a vet.’ Sam told us.
Sam remains devoted to the KATs charity, and using his sporting powers to compete in triathlons and mountain climb (he has climbed to Everest base camp and Mt Kilimanjaro) to raise funds for this amazing charity.
After spending two years working in South Korea for the SOI Dog foundation Sam has now returned to England to complete his PHD at the London School of Tropical Medicine where he is known for his research in to the control of Rabies.
Written by Kitty
Club Penguin Is Sliding Off The Iceberg
Club Penguin, an extremely popular social website, has announced that it is going to shut down on the 29th of March 2017. The replacement for the game that is a mobile called Club Penguin Island. Hearing this news made many fans outraged and unhappy. People are disliking Disney, the person in charge of the game, because they have no idea what club penguin island is, and most really preferred the old game. It had over 200 million users on mobile and desktop by 2013.
The game began in 2005 and was created by new horizon, where players got to play around as penguins waddling around worlds and designing their homes with accessories. Then the game was passed on to Disney in 2007 involving a deal at $700 million. Soon after the years players had many worlds and minigames to explore, had pets called “puffles” and were able to socially interact with other players.
These were some comments about club penguin shutting down:
“2017 be bad enough already and now they shuttin’ down club penguin I have no faith in humanity”
On the official website of club penguin, club Penguin Island is going to be an almost exact recreation of the original only that it takes place on an island and not in a winter landscape. The other new features include exploring myths and legends and more activities.

Obesity has hit a high: because of little exercise, and too much junk food! Obese children do not want to go outside at all. 25% of boys and 33% girls are overweight and numbers are rising. The problem is also with the parents- who do not encourage their children to lose weight and don’t care what their children eat. The other problem is that they could be born obese from the parents. These children have little confidence and feel ashamed, also they hate going to school as they are a prime target to bullies. You should have sixty minutes of physical exercise each day and they aren’t getting any of it.
Recent information gathered suggests that when obese people are picked on or feel sad about their weight they eat more and gain more weight. Consequently the bullying continues and then they would feel sad and eat more. This circle could go on forever. Obese people can’t just go outside and have a run, as people would point and laugh at them and their confidence would be knocked further.

But there can be an end to this:
Talk to a GP to sort out your healthy diet or lose weight healthy and safely.
Don’t eat junk food or don’t get in old habits.
Go to the link down below to get help


Colchester helping the homeless

In Colchester there are many issues with homeless people, but there are trusts, companies and local people who just want to help.
A coat gift scheme has been set up to help the town's homeless people. The Paramedic Fay Sibley put up a rail outside the Colchester Library on Saturday 7th January 2017.Each day since then, new coats are being added and about the same number being taken by those in need. This coat rail is improving lives of those who are in need.
The community is caring well for those who are homeless and if needed they can still seek help from the council whose website says “If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness in the next 28 days and are eligible for help we have a legal duty to provide you with assistance”. This makes it evident that those who are in desperate need shall get help from others.
Many people come to Colchester for help mainly because of the caring environment which is why the figures of homelessness are high. Many homeless feel threatened by the thought of staying in big cities because they may be shooed away. This is an issue that all councils should sort out which will stop people feeling isolated, hurt and like they’ll never get help.
What is Homelessness?
You don't have to be living on the street to be homeless. You could be legally classed as homeless if you're sleeping on a friend's sofa, staying in a hostel, suffering from overcrowding or other bad conditions.
Companies like Beacon House help rebuild relationships, offer medical care and support. Charles May house provide shelter and food for emergencies as well at very low costs.
By Tapiwa


Located in Dover court the ageing Skate Park have had plans submitted for it to be renewed. According to Councillor Jo Henderson, the Town Council have raised £90,000 out of the £200,000 price tag. “We must submit blue prints now as many funding bodies want to see concrete plans before they make a decision to hand over any money,” she said. “The project is still dependant on getting more funds in”. The skate park will be on the same footing as the current one. Taxes will start to raise by 3% in Dover court as of this, so the total would be £32.98 The skate park is a great value to this local community, it is outdated and long past its ten year life span. The new skate park will include a bowled element and street course. Mrs Henderson had also said that the location never caused any problems. We asked local skaters what they thought of this new plan. Leo said “yes, I would really like it to be built, it will encourage all of the young people to get off their phones and go to have fun at their local skate park,” Niall also said “if they did build this new skate park it would encourage me to take on the sport of scooters/bikes/skateboard.” A decision on the plan is expecting to be made by August 4th.

Female Pilots?
In 2014 British Airways launched a campaign to increase the visibility of female pilots, they have had female pilots visit schools and do talks to young children the same way firefighters and policemen do in the older years of primary school. There are more male pilots than female so the whole point of this is to introduce girls at a young age so that they may think of becoming a pilot when they have previously been told otherwise. “I went to give a talk at a school and the teacher said ‘Oh the boys will love this.’ I said ‘The girls will too!’ – Irwin Munns – A female pilot. It has been said that 60% of 2000 women who were interviewed said that they had been put off of being a pilot when they were younger because there was a lack of female role models and being told that it was a man’s job. It costs over £100,000 to train as a pilot so costs may also be why, due to this, this year BWPA are offering 7 scholarships to women who want to train as pilots to help them pursue their dreams. Will you become a pilot?
Reported By Bobbie – Jay J